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Seir's Agency of Supernatural Services #666
Welcome to Seir's Agency of Supernatural Services (S.A.S.S.) We offer a wide variety of services which include but are not limited to: - Loans - Counseling - Sponsorship services - Advisory services - Assessment and Management - Coaching - Advocacy *Ask for our secret services we can't legally display here! ...And any kind of support you may require, whether it is financial, moral or emotional! Does your life suck? Does your Stallion/Mare friend love you no more? Are you terrorized by crippling debt? ...Well, you can continue to be tortured by your everyday life's troubles or contact us and get ready to accomplish your wildest dreams! ...for a price. Contact information. Telephone Number. 69 666 666 666 E-mail. Address. Canterlot Av. Melancholy Street, 1313, #666
Amy Callihan
Damean the paranormal detective