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Aurora Atlas Nightclub
Club Aurora is a large building, it was funded by Vinyl and has set up DJ themes, there's a bar, booths, dance floor, upper dance floor, speakers on each corner on the lower, and upper floors, connected to the large DJ table on the stage in the back of the building, the entire two dance floors are made of solid dance shining Neon lights. the built-in mist comes from both of the dance floors, there's also a lounge to chill in the back, which is only to be used by the DJ and her set of friends. There are several different rooms where you can talk before entering the club, you can only gain entry to the club by either paying the owner/Vinyl 50 bits or being good friends and being invited by her. Lastly, there are another two rooms for both pool and arcade machines, please make sure to not to start anything inside the club. Here is the link to the website I will be using.
Absinthe Noir
Dark Kronos Spectrum aka Blue Moon
Handicapped Ponies
This is for ponies who are handicaped in a way that dosnt help them and would be a b!tch when coming to rp's. For example; mine is sorta handicaped because she cant talk because shes kinda mute. This was kinda for those ponies who are blind, mute and more. If your pony cant see, hear, or talk or more, then this place is for you! And this is about accepting the ponies! because you wouldnt belive how many people tried saying "oh just make her talk for this rp" when I dont want todo that because she is the way she is and I like that. And im sorry if people made your blind oc's see, your deaf oc's hear, you get the idea.
Black Parade
Welcome,  Here you may find other like minded individuals who enjoy lengthy roleplays. Whether slice of life is your fancy, or adventure, there will always be someone out there happy to roleplay with you. You are welcome to post images, create events and write friendship letters if you so desire. There are no requirements to join the page or comment. Just be friendly, have fun and we hope you find what you are looking for.  Feel free to leave invites to servers, Discord names, anything like that. If you're looking for dungeon and dragons players, please comment so! Or leave me, Snow Storm, a message and I can display your invites here.