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Ask Kitsunegami Eiko Emi Aki-Chan!
FINALLY!!!!!!!! Hi, everybody! I've finally made an ask page! Sure, there's a lot of them...BUT, HEY! I FINALLY HAVE ONE!!!!!!! You guys can ask me all the questions you want here! And don't be shy!!!!! The only rules I've got are...Actually pretty straightforward(not that there NEED to be...); -Just be kind and respectful to each other! And, to me, of course! If I don't respond, just wait and I'll do my best! -Join Aki's cult! -Disregard the second rule! -Partially regard the second rule! -Disregard all rules after the first one! (Admin's Note; Hey, everyone. Just a head's up from Aki's admin, here. The only rule to note is the first one. Aki doesn't wanna start a cult...) -Disregard the Admin's Note above! (...Not helping, Aki...)
Kitsunegami Eiko Aki
Butterscotch Ormand
Aurora's World
"Hello! I am Aurora and welcome to le page! Here I'll be showing some stuff I do and see me goof around! You may ask me quetsions when ever you want"