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First Order
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We are the First Order! We are here to wipe out the loathsome Resistance from the Galaxy More info
Zia and Friends
Free Character Designs
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Hi there! My name's Carousel. I'm a fledgeling artist and I post free character designs here that people may have. I don't care what you do with the design after you acquire it, so don't worry about some long ToS or something. All I ask is that you do not use the original piece of artwork for commercial use. ^^ I design these characters to test things out (certain brushes, color palettes, new techniques, etc.) So I apologize for the quality being dodgy/inconsistent!
Air Lightning Rush
Amber Sunstar
That's No Good
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#thatsnogood This page is a for the promotion of a culture that values consent and bodily autonomy. If you see someone touching another sentient creature without permission, or making unwelcome advances, that's no good. So listen to the wise words of Sonic. "There's nothing more cool then being hugged by some one you like, but if someone tries to touch you in a place or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, that's no good. It's your body. No one has the right to touch you if you don't want them to."
Orion Pink
Nocturnal Friends!
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A Group for all nocturnal creatures to come and make friends! Perhaps we can have strolls in the dark, a hunt through the everfree! Who knows!
Princess Luna
Ash Blaze
Bird Song