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Gray Rivers Alto Yuri

Male. Lives in Coltifornia,  Applewood,  Equestria. Born on April 1, 1995
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Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Gray emerges from the airport’s front door and is greeted by Manehattan’s warm summer breeze. He’s been gone for months, away filming some movie about a guy in a stranded island. He himself looks li...View More
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Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Gray opens the front door to your house and poses awkwardly. A disembodied crowd cheers him on, clapping and whistling. “…Hey.” he speaks, immediately followed by the ambience audience’s laughter. H...View More
Mid sip, Zemyrah's body flinches at the random sound of muffled applause and loud laughter. Slowly and cautiously, her body swivels towards the now opening door with pure confusion clouding over Zemy's face. At first she stayed frozen in place. Coffee cup still hovering in the air and mouth puckere...View More
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Gray stops and thinks. It takes more than a few moments and his eyes move back and forth from corner to corner as he searches his memory. “…Well, now that I think about it. Doesn’t this feel strange?” his gaze wandered the walls surrounding them. “This place feels fake. Doesn’t it? Do you live here?...View More
polo fastter
Polo look at the broken potion bottle on the floor that read sitcom while he was holding a broom and said "Well, it would appear that Sheep got into the house and broke another object..." the sound of crickets was heard while part of his stop look like it was just in a movie studio as the live audie...View More
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Gray always picks survey calls. He enjoys the brief amount of company and attention. #rp
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Phoenix Genevieve
The inner machinations of his mind are an enigma
Ice Wisp
Wispy can relate.
Huh... So DO Think about Spilt choco-milk ?
Little bitch better not be crying about it.
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Gray straight up just falls asleep on the set. z Z z Z #rp
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Torch appears to place a pillow beneath Gray's head just as he lays down, tucking him in with a blanket and setting his favorite stuffed animal by his side.
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
He smiles in his sleep. <3
Asuka Yakushi
Asuka places a sign in front of him which reads "Do not disturb", along with a small baggie containing two homemade sugar cookies which features the message "For Gray" on the side in sharpie. Now she has to escape the set before security finds her.
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Gray was indeed not disturbed, until he himself woke up hours later. The sugar cookies also served to restore him from his zombie-like state enough for him to make the drive home. Good ending!
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
"Anyway... here's wonderwall" were Gray's last words before passing out at the party. #rp
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Gray was peacefully asleep… until his eyes shot open in the middle of the night. Cold sweat ran down his eyebrow till he brushed it away with the sleeve of his gown. The actor’s deep dark circles and...View More
Comet Constellation
"...I don't know what just happened but this is hilarious-"
Carmine Gumshoe
To think Carmine was having a semi-pleasant dream, too. It was nice, peaceful, unlike his usual sleep time; as always, something had to interrupt it. He did not hear the initial train of thought that lead up to this and only Gray’s odd conclusion. “What?” Carmine was quick to scoff. “No. No, are y...View More
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Gray sighed in relief. Deep down he knew that Carmine’s counter argument was debatable. But maybe if they both willingly decided to remain ignorant, it’d all be okay. He was just beginning to relax, when it was now Carmine’s time to freak out. “I mean…!? MAYBE???”
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Gray fills your cup of wine all the way to the rim. "...Oh, sorry force of habit." He clears his throat. #rp
Dragonfly taps the glass and stares at it. "Is there not supposed to be that much?" He moved to lightly smell it.
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Gray blinks. Huh... he's genuinely never asked himself that question.
A sleep-deprived, deadpanned Vanil merely shrugs "...Eh", nearly spilling the glass.
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Gray waves a hoof in front of her face. "Hello? Are you still alive...?"
She shook a free hoof to push away Gray's so she can start drinking away glass number who's-counting. Then, she replies meekly "Unfortunately, aye, I am. Just....just keep it coming".
Spirit Weaver
Spirit reminds herself to get Gray a glutton's chalice. For the meme.
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Gray squints his eyes suspiciously. He can hear the gears inside her head grinding.
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Gray had neatly arranged every cushion in his living room into a pile, which he had then wrapped with a blanket. While it was rudimentary, the sculpture vaguely imitated the shape of a sitting pony. I...View More
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