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Pan's request page
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[br] You can place your art requests here by reading through the rules first and filling in my sheet [br] 1. Do not take off my watermark. 2. Do not disrespect me 3. Have patience, I work 2 jobs. 4. I may decline whenever i want 5. Fill in the Request sheet 6. If we have bad blood then I will not draw for you. 7. To make sure you read the rules post "SHINee" in your comment aswell. ♥ Send me a wall comment here * Character name: * Reference link: * Personality: * Suggested pose and expresion: * Background: * Other: (anything else I need to know? Regarding scars or other traits) There is a chance i might not draw so well with fullbody's as im very used to headshots
Acry Weaver
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Hello and welcome to my page! I am a digital artist from Canada whom mainly focuses around drawing MLP canon and original characters. I am also the type of artist who draws a large varity of different things including feral and anthro characters, sfw, and other content which cannot be posted here. I take types of artwork transactions including commissions, art trades, collabs and gifts [but for close friends only]. If you have any questions or concerns, message me directly. Thank you for reading!!
Gen Tonic
Sunset Valley's Art and Writing Requests!
I am opening free requests. Please read all the information carefully. ART REQUESTS: I can mainly do ponies at the moment, but I will also accept requests for furries (anthro characters) and cats. I WILL NOT DO NSFW OF ANY KIND! I work when I can, but will probably be most active on weekends. I will do ship art of OCs. I do both traditional and digital art, please state which you would like in your request. PLEASE NOTE: Traditional art can NOT be shipped. When you request: Please give a link/picture of the reference (or give a good description if you don't have a reference) and information about what you would like for your request. Please be patient. It may take me a while to get back to you. I am a very easy person to work with. I try to be as friendly and understanding as I can. If you like what you receive, please tell me! And constructive criticism is very much appreciated! WRITING REQUESTS: Most of the art rules apply to writing. The maximum number of words I will allow for a writing request is 5000. You can request for fewer words too. I will only write OC stories and MLP universe stories. No Spongebob, Steven Universe, etc. (I'm not familliar with very many fandoms) Writing takes me a while, so please be patient. I will send you periodic updates. Once again, NO NSFW! If you'd like to request a writing request, and then an art request to go along with the story, you may. I will take all requests, so long as they follow the rules. Thank you! I look forward to working with you!
Black Hawk
Nucifera's Art Requests and Uploads
*Request 1 - (Open) *Request 2 - (Open) Request 3 - (Open) Hey, this is my art request page where you, yes YOU can requests whatever art you want from me. I'll only take about 3 requests at a time so please don't be upset if you don't get in in time! Requests have to be quite specific and if you can then please lend me a reference of what you want me to draw. Please keep all requests to the community guidelines (ie, no NSFW).
Summer Rose the Potato Queen