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Freelancer 1437
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"My name is smoke. I am now a Freelancer. I'm basically a guns for hire. Now I only except....whatever the currency is for this world. However, if you don't have money but need the mission done, what I can do is trade for a favor. Basically I do the mission as a favor and in return you owe me a favor. I can call this favor in anytime I need it and this favor can be anything." One shot. One kill.
Demonic H. Hooves
Smoke (Obsilion)
Frost's Art Page
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Hello! Admin speaking! So, originally this was an request page but I have decided to make it a sort of, well, I will be drawing all of my friends on here throughout time. So basically here is how I want it to work! Anyone who adds me back as a friend as well as likes this page will be automatically added onto a list. And on this list, I shall be drawing a traditional full body art piece. (This not only gives to you guys, but also helps my practice as well. It's a good opportunity for all of us!" If you would like to be added to this list, add me as a friend AND like this page and then I will add you to the list, then once I reach your name I will message you for a reference photo. (If you do not answer right away, don't worry! I will wait until you get back, you will not be skipped or deleted!) Of course, all I ask is that you do not rush me, these are for when I have time and feel motivated! (I am juggling school, work, and a whole lotta other stuff.) Thank you! ~SaltyBeanz (Aka Admin)
Bright Brave
Cerion Reinhart
Crystal Summer
Ask Hymn!
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Ask me anything (as long as it’s not NSFW) and I’ll try to answer it to the best of my ability!
Demonic H. Hooves
Ask Daddy
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Go! Prostrate thyself before the oracle and ask of the conundrums that plague your waking step as though nightmares wrenched from your most tormented slumber. Ask for thy future, ask for thy doom, ask for thee the answers to all questions, great and small. But know this, the answer that you seek, may not be the one that you receive. And for many, the answer is but death, and death alone. This is an ask page for the gremlin known as Cambia. Don't expect right answers. Just expect the fuck word.
Basalt Alltrades
Cally Ber
Daddy Cambia