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Sleepy's Art Commission \̅_̅/̷̚ʾc (˶ ‾᷄﹃‾᷅˵)
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Rules: 1.) unless the commission is a custom, I will not be working off of descriptions 2.) I only accept USD on either Paypal or Cashapp Sketches: come either colored or greyscale Headshot/bust - $3 Half-body - $5 Full-body - $8 Linework Headshot/bust - $10 Half-body - $15 Full-body - $20 Addons Cel shading - $2 Soft shading - $8 __________________________________________________________________ Customs - creating a character. Complexity is judged before anyone pays Simple: $8-$10 Semi- Complex: $15-$20 Complex - $20-$40
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Let's take a full-on look into this timeline where my character went full genocide and turned his back on everyone. In this rp, this takes place after the small RP I did that took a small peek into this timeline. You have survived Stickman's Genocide. However, the choice is yours. Do you answer Jewel's call and help her subdue her brother for a better tomorrow? Or do you live a new life among the ruins of the world's Stickman has laid to waste? The choice is yours in Stickman's Adventures: The Genocide Route!
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
Jewel, The Teal Hippogriff
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A rhythmic adventure through the Vandaley Campus where Stickman, Jewel, Skye, Skystar, and Yinu team up with Chai and Peppermint to take down a nefarious plot by the Vandaley corporation! But a familiar robotic nemesis enters the fight to steal the tech for himself...
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
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Welcome all to this timeline here Sheep rule everyone and everything in Equestria. The world is full and grim from all the years of darkness existing. Sheep sit on a throne as they have servants do their bidding throughout the world. No one feels joy as dark clouds have always existed longer then they can remember. There are a few that tried but, they always vanished to an unknown place. However Sheep is your God and what can you do to a god?
The Wires
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Hi, howdy! This page is for myself (mostly!). It’s an information page for my character Trip Wire’s huge family that I can’t afford creating individual profiles for! The purpose of this page is for me to have an accessible public space where I can upload, update, and share information about Trip Wire’s children, their backstories, names, personalities and maybe even art. Maybe I’ll even make a few posts, write some lore or whatever—or maybe I’m just saying that because I want to do that, but I’ll most likely never get down to do it? Who knows! Stay and find out…! I know it is a little bit cringe, but bear with me, we are both using an MLP site after all… So, throw the first stone he who is free from sin (or something like that, I’m Mexican and I’ve only ever heard that biblical passage in Spanish).
Trip Wire
Polo Fastter
Manehattan Art gallery and Café
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Currently redoing this page :) Hello fellow traveler! My name is Naomi but another one of my more common allies names is Zemyrah. Manehattan Art Gallery and Café is a little page This was created to originally be a little space for artist to post their work, but now it's more of a personal little corner for me. None of the art here is to be used ANY reason! Everything is either drawn by me or artist who may have owner ship over that image but was commissioned by me! Thank you for checking this out!!! (and read this far xD)