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Manehattan Art gallery and Café
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Currently redoing this page :) Hello fellow traveler! My name is Naomi but another one of my more common allies names is Zemyrah. Manehattan Art Gallery and Café is a little page This was created to originally be a little space for artist to post their work, but now it's more of a personal little corner for me. None of the art here is to be used ANY reason! Everything is either drawn by me or artist who may have owner ship over that image but was commissioned by me! Thank you for checking this out!!! (and read this far xD)
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(STARTING APRIL 15TH) Welcome to my next major event of the year, Battle for Rio! In honor of the first Rio turning 10 this year, I figured that I would do a major event that'll memorialize the legacy that is the Rio movie. Every plot point for the major event is planned out, and everything is set in stone to have this be the best event ever. Onto the description! DESCRIPTION: Rio De Janeiro has fallen. Portero, Nigel, and The Darkitect have teamed up to take over Stickman and Jewel's home world, and our heroes are at their weakest. But, when all hope seems lost, even the darkness has a light that can pierce the toughest of darkness. Will the USF prevail in taking back Stickman and Jewel's home? Find out when Battle for Rio starts!
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
Ask My MLP OCs!
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{Since the Group doesn't allow non members to send any ask or well comment on the place to ask about, Making it into a Page for now on. So I apologize for that. Future Posts of the Asks ive drawn of answers and such will be posted here for now on. Now you guys can send as many Asks and such you guys want here if you guys rather ask here then the tumblr blog.} Welcome to my "Ask My MLP OCs" Page! This is where you guys can ask all of my OCs all kinds of questions. something funny? cute? horror? who knows. How do you guys ask any of my ocs a question? I'll have a Post thats focused for you guys to send your questions in on this page just so everything is in one place! You can send as many questions as you want even on the tumblr ask blog! Link to the Ask Box: I will have a link to the complete list of my MLP OCs soon as its in the works for now i only have a link to the navigations tab of my ocs thats been shown up in my MLP Ask Blog: Any Questions to me do let me know even in DMs I'll answer right away!
Air Lightning Rush
Awoken Artist
House Coltenheim
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House Coltenheim and its city is a restored kingdom in the Frozen North beyond Yakyakistan and built along the slopes of Mount Everhoof and on top of a Massive deposit of the strongest metal in the world known only in the region as Stahlranium and New Coltenheim is built from it and used for many purposes ranging from construction to military and science and so much more due to its innate magical properties and even serves as the cities the main source of energy making the city more technologically advanced than the other kingdoms. The Primary residencies of the city include not just ponies but also Clydesdales with thick furs and hearty builds and size but also dragons and griffins and even some that cross-bred to create a mixed species that live here. The current ruler is Prince Nebulous Coltenheim 4th prince of the Frozen North and the new city and the surrounding territories not including Yakyakistan. ((Imagine Wakanda and Erebor architecture and infrastructure had a mix and meld and what we get is awesome.))
Amity Guard
Bright Brave
Captain Sky N Nova
Operation: Final Battle 5; Herbert's Takeover
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Welcome to Operation: Final Battle 5; Herbert's Takeover! Unlike last year, however, I will need to do this on my discord. To make up for not doing this on Canterlot Avenue, I will be posting the important and tense parts for you all throughout this huge Operation. You guys will love this, I'm sure of it. So, what is this year's Operation all about? Well... To put it shortly: Herbert found our base, and took it over while we were away on an important mission. He uses the teleportation network to catch all of the USF's heroes by surprise, and proceeds to take over each and every beloved world. He's captured 80% of the force, leaving behind the majors of the USF: Myself, Jewel, Skye, Skystar, Maple, Rain, Yinu, and Flashwing. We must now turn to this unlikeliest of times and team up with our foes to take down Herbert. If you want to follow along on this big month-long event, follow this page!
Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
Winged Chaos Technologies
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Welcome to Winged Chaos Technologies! Here at WCT, We help desing the future of Equestria. We reasearch scientific breakthroughs, create wonderous inventions and future breakthroughs in Science! So please! Come and enjoy the tour of the place, and if your lucky and clever, you might even earn a spot on our team!
Moonlight Streak
Pony homies looking for homies
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Are you a pony who is feeling lonely? Do you lack friends and any interesting traits allowing you to make friends in a natural way. By the sounds of things, you in need of a homie. And at Pony homies looking for homies, you can find homies to your heart's content. This is a safe place where you can put yourself out and find pony homies with similar interests! But best of all, everyone here is your homie. So don't be a loser, fill out this form and look for new homies today. Name: Age: Race: Gender: Interests: Looking for:
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The Godly View Universe
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Queen Mortema( Godess of Death): a near emotionless being that is feared by all, Mortema is such a terrifying goddess that even immortals keep their distance from her. Known to be Sadistic, cruel and somewhat mischievous, Nopony wants her anywhere near them. She is the twin sister of Queen Vita. Wisdom Spark(Goddess of Knowledge) : an incredibly wise but odd mare who's vast knowledge is seeked by all, even Death herself comes for advice, surprisingly Wisdom Spark herself is about the age of a child.(mentally) Windfeather Tempest (Goddess of Weather) : a mare who can control the weather at will. She is known to be easily angered and will smite those who have angered her. Rare Fortuna ( Goddess of Fortune): a generous mare who does everything she can to grant fortune to all. As kind as she is, trying to take advantage of her gift will leave you as poor as dirt. Queen Vita ( Godess of Life): a very kind mare that is also known as the Mother of All or the Queen of Light, she is Mortema's twin sister and rules alongside her. Some mortals believe her power to give life to all things is a blessing. Jubilant Joy ( Godess of Joy and Laugter): a mare who loves spreading happiness and joy everywhere she goes. Only Queen Mortema dislikes her, possibly due to go said mares lack of emotions. Natura (Goddess of Nature): a beautiful Alicorn mare who is said to embody nature and all plants in general, many say the she is the reason why the world is so lush with greenery. Icarus the Dragon:a small dragon who works with the Goddesses as a messenger, his wings are feathered instead of webbed. (mortals ) Aitselec: a unicorn who has built many shrines dedicated to the Goddesses. She is said to see the Goddess of Wisdom the most. Some ponies think she's not in her right mind. Luca: a pony who's lost his mind due to his horrible luck running into the Goddess of Death multiple times. He is very paranoid and untrusting of his surroundings. *It's rumored that he may have ticked off the Goddess of Fortune* Nalux: A pony who has a rather beautiful look to her, she is rather vain unfortunately and sees herself as a goddess in a mortals body. Melody Heart: a mare who wishes to be a goddess so she can help everyone, is said to be pure hearted. If you have trouble with the names of the two mares here's some help for you. :(Nah-Lucks ) and (Ates-sell-eck).
Duchess Chrysalis and Mirror Thorax
Wishgriff and Bottlegriff (official RP account)