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Little Oop, Is a Mythic Studios owned discord.js / discord.js-commando ran bot currently still in the development stage. Website:
Ricochet's Art Requests and Trades!
This is a place where you can request and/or trade art. No NSFW please. I may be a newbie artist, but I work to provide the best I can. Please be patient when waiting for your art, I do have school and life to contend with. Constructive criticism is welcomed and encouraged. I would love to hear about how I could improve. Trades are prioritized BEFORE requests. I think that's all I have to say. I look forward to drawing your requests! :3
Air Lightning Rush
Ponka Woof Artsy Commisionseses
Welcome to a magical place to receive commissions from me, Ponka Woof! ((It'sprobablygonnabewhathelpsmebuygroceries)) Sketch: $1.00 Colored sketch: $3.00 Colored drawing: $6.00 Colored drawing with shading: $9.00 Colored drawing with shading and background: $12.00 Detailed colored/shaded with background and more than one character: $15.00
Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
Basalt Alltrades
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Welcome to Gryphin! (Formally EverfreeArt) We are an art site with aspirations to expand into more realms. Watch us grow! We want to bring a site that artists will be proud to use!
Golden Heart
Chatchat Side chat Discord channel
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To talk about the page, I am advertising a game called chatchat, and there is a server to use on discord the discord server can be found here, and the link to the game is here
Princess Bluemoon
Azure Seraph
The Great Flapjack War of 2017
On the fated day of December the 9th 2017, two ponies had a disagreement. A disagreement that would soon evolve into one of the most devastating and intense wars that Canterlot Avenue has ever seen. #BlameSaphoenix But some who were not here to witness the bloody carnage would ask, what was this war about? Well I can easily answer that for you... watch out sensitive souls because the topic is highly controversial and may keep you awake for days. Some ponies will cry, some may die. But you brave souls have chosen to walk a path of righteousness, the war stemmed from a simple question. Whether a 'flapjack' is a pancake or an oat bar. The war lasted a total of two entire days, and many had lost lives as well as their will to live. So in the aftermath of this dreadful war, I turn to you for your opinion on this important subject. W h a t i s a f l a p j a c k ? (an oat bar)
Amethyst the Hippogriff
Berry Batty and Pine Applepress
VR ponies!
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Do you have a VR headset (Vive or Rift only, please!) and yet you need to find another partner to duke it out with? We got you covered! With VR ponies, we are looking for all the users who have VR headsets, so we can gather up and laugh in VR together. (That's a thing, right?)   (Image created by the artist Somepony-Scribbles. Yes, I know that is PSVR, please dont hate me.)
Stardusk Strider
Adrian Coalhopper
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